Monday, April 10, 2017

Essay #1

          In Fahrenheit 451 the author Ray Bradbury uses various tones for characters in the book with his use of diction and detail. The tone that Bradbury uses specifically with regard to Clarisse and Beatty are very different. As it can be seen Clarisse is described and presented to us as a girl who is spontaneous and open to what the world has to offer, meanwhile Beatty is a very intellectual and puzzling person. This can be seen throughout the book with Bradbury's use of diction and detail. 
          In the beginning of the book Bradbury describes Clarisse as a very spontaneous girl who is full of curiosity. She is open to new things every day and all she wants to do is enjoy life. The fact that Bradbury introduces her in the beginning of the book and describes her in such a compelling tone would be to give an effect to the reader. By introducing Clarisse in that way the author gives an idea to the reader of Montag's life and the reality of it. With her personality Montag realizes that he has no love, peace, or happiness in his life. Clarisse was the character that the author introduced to help Montag realize that and start to make change in his life little by little. Unlike Clarisse, with Beatty the author uses a different and opposite tone. 
          When Bradbury introduces Beatty he uses a wise tone to present him as an intellectual and puzzling character. Although Beatty is very intellectual and he knows a lot about books he gives Montag the opposite message. We can see that Bradbury's use of diction and detail is expressed when he uses short sentences and phrases every time that Beatty speaks which makes everything that he talks about very fast paced. The author can be using this type of diction to relate Beatty to the society and how the world is becoming simpler every single day that goes by. This is the message that the author is trying to give Montag through Beatty and this can be seen when Beatty says, " More cartoons in books. More pictures. The man drinks less and less," meaning that the more things that people add in books or magazines just to entertain the person, the less reading and writing there will actually be which is one of the reasons why and how books are slowly forgotten and prohibited. That is why Beatty is such a puzzling person. He is so intellectual when it comes to books, yet he thinks that they should vanish. 
          To conclude it can be clearly seen that Bradbury uses different types of diction and detail to set a spontaneous, wonderful, and a curios tone for Clarisse while setting a intellectual, puzzling, and wise tone for Beatty so that they could both convey a message to the reader through Montag so we could know the situations that Montag faces through out the book. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017


1. What did Montag do at the Black's house?
- He went there to go hide his books

2. How does Faber describe the war?
- Faber says that he doesn't notice it much because he has problems of his own while the war is going on

3. Describe Faber's TV
- He had his TV behind a picture and it was a really small TV

4. What was on TV while Montag was on the run?
- The TV was showing that they were still looking for Montag and that they had a new Hound that was going to trace Montag's scent to find him

5. What was Montag running for when everyone looked out of their houses?
- He was running for the river and all he wanted was to get across to the other side where he would find other writers that memorize books and then burn them


1. Why did the Hound attack Montag?
- The Hound attacked Montag because he had killed Beatty.

2. How did Montag defend himself?
- Montag defended himself by setting the Hound on fire.

3. What did Montag realize about Beatty?
- Montag realized that Beatty wanted to die

4. Where did Montag go?
- Montag went to Faber's house

5. What happened when Montag crossed the street?
- He was about to get run over by a group of teenagers, and the teenagers were playing with him by pretending to try and hit him with their car, and they were just doing it for fun because they had no idea that he was a fugitive

Sunday, March 26, 2017

F451 Questions

1.  Bradbury begins the book like that to show how Montag enjoys burning books instead of reading them. In this time it is un common for people to be reading books and its bad. Montag believes he is doing something good by burning those books.
2.  the books are compared to birds because he wants to give life to the books. When the books burn they turn I into ashes that Fly like birds into the air 
3. Montag is a firefighter and his job is to burn down things instead of stopping the fire. His life is a sad one  His relationship with his wife isn't a relationship either. Clarisse is more energetic ,She likes to laugh and be spontaneous. Compared to Montag's life.
4. Technology is a bad thing in Montag and Mildred's relationship. Mildred is always watching television, she never really talks with Montag. They don't love each other and it's obvious in the book 
5.  the narrator introduces us to this point in Montag's life because maybe something big will change his life. Clarisse has changed his views on life and how he feels about himself because for example once she made him open his mouth in the rain and taste the rain. his life may have been a Simple and boring one 
6. The author may have introduced Clarisse before Mildred because Clarisse is fun and full of excitement compared to everyone else and she's always happy , while Mildred is the opposite 
7. All the houses are fireproof so when the firefighters burn some books, it won't spread to other houses. It will keep the fire from spreading throughout  the whole city.
8. Mildred requires emergency service because she overdosed on sleeping pills. She tried to kill herself but Montag was able to find her in time and save her. Some technicians saved her with a machine and she says that she Esperanto remember trying to do that 
9. The mechanical hound is a robot that kills people and hurts them  Montag feels like it is staring at him in a bad way and that it wants to hurt him.
10. people consider Clarisse antisocial because she is always spontaneous and happy , she finds joy in everything and she finds interest in the smallest things and she's always trying to get along with everyone 
11. The woman lights the match because she would die with her books than live without them.She believes she can't live without her books
12. Montag and Mildred's relationship isn't a relationship anymore. They don't talk to each other , they can't remember when the my met or how and they show no love or emotion towards each other. 
13. Beatty visits Montag to make sure that he is still focused on his job and isn't thinking about quitting.
15. Montag feels fat because he is hiding books and he feels guilty about it

1. Mildred is acting more like she doesn't want to know anything about the books and that she isn't interested but Montag is the opposite and he wants to read and under the books 
2. I feel like something crazy will happen since there is crazy things going on around them and everything is so chaotic 
3. Professor Faber is a someone who montag met that had books and who is now his friend

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I'm really enjoying ready Fahrenheit 451. Today I got to page 30 something, which is not that bad considering the fact that I was super tired and reading was getting me really sleepy. I was reading one moment and the other moment I was closing my eyes. But the point of this post was to write about what I read. So, today I read about how Mildred overdosed on pills and she was sent to the hospital, but the next day when Montag reminded her about it she denied it saying that she would never do such thing. As I kept on reading the book was a lot about Montag and his walks with Clarisse. It seems to me like Clarisse brings a light and happiness into Montag's life. I would say this because Montag doesn't seem like he's happy, but when he talks to Clarisse, she makes him wonder and think about many things that he had never though about. She's just the type of person that brings energy to your life and she's always positive and happy. She really doesn't care about what other people think about her and i particularly love this because it reminds me of one of my best friends. He's always energetic, positive, happy, and there is not one day when I seem him sad. Which is something that I find really amazing! That would conclude what I read about. (:

Thursday, March 9, 2017


In the story " The Great Gatsby," and the poem by Prufrock we can see a lot of imagery that helps us see their themes. In Prufrock we can really see a deep and dark tone. He seems so think that he is not enough and he is constantly putting himself down. We can see his use of imagery when he says " When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall." this gives the effect and shows us that he feels like he is being attacked and he feels like he is not doing enough and that he does not deserve to be here. I would say that he has a really depressing tone.