Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hi fellow classmates, so my big question is " what common problems are seen with High School teenagers and why?" Since I'm a teenager and I know that I have problems that I sometimes don't notice I thought it would be interesting to see others and the problems they face and the way they react to them. A common problem that I see in High School teenagers would be that they stress out from all their school work. If you have any other ideas of problems that we face please feel free to
comment them. To further my exploration of this topic I plan to talk to a counselor. If you know anyone else or any source that can help me with this topic comment! Thank you! (:

Monday, May 1, 2017

We eat social media for breakfast Essay

          In the author's essay "We eat social media for breakfast," his argument is that tools are important when you are trying to share important information or when you want to create an impact on someone. In this case the author is mainly arguing that a pictures today are different tools, and these pictures are what create our stories and our identities. To develop this main argument the author uses various forms of diction, syntax, tone, and rhetorical strategies.
          Throughout the essay we can see that the diction the author uses is one that can be understood. For example the words he uses aren't complex which makes it easy for most people to read. His use of syntax also helps him create his main argument. The type of syntax he uses here is seen when he ends with  a simple sentence or when he writes short sentences making what he is trying to argue very precise. For example towards the end of the essay he goes on to argue that we no longer have to tell the stories of the pictures we take because the pictures are already telling the story for us. This is a short sentence that gets the the point right away without making the author read a whole paragraph to find what he is trying to argue. 
          The author also uses different tones to create his main argument. In this essay we can see that the tone the author uses helps the reader understand his argument because the tone connects him with the reader. He creates a tone of happiness and he makes jokes to add some humor so that the reader stays attached to what he or she is reading. He also creates a melancholic tone when he remembers back on the past and the way photos were taken before or when he explains that he wanted to eat a meal with someone who he no longer shares it with. This type of tone brings memories to the reader which can then help them connect to the author. 
          In continuation the author mainly uses rhetorical strategies to develop and help build towards his argument. We can see this when he uses tools that we use today such as including links in his essay and even including pictures. This helps with his main argument because he proves with this that pictures are tools that create a story. He also uses rhetorical strategies such as asking rhetorical questions and using ethos by having empathy and this helps connect the reader even more with the author because the reader can feel that empathy that the author is having toward him or her.                           
        As we can clearly see the author uses diction, syntax, tone, & rhetorical strategies to develop his main argument that pictures today are new tools that help create a story and someone's identity. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

AP Prompts Essay #3

Q: Pretend to contribute to a magazine or newspaper; write an article describing a place you know well that might be of interest to readers. Define the significance, use descriptive detail to make attitude clear.

          In the Santa Barbara County Fair many students from various high schools and organizations are presented with the opportunity of exhibiting their SAE projects at the fair. Students are able to embark on a hands on experience by raising live stock animals such as lambs, goats, pigs, steers, chickens, turkeys, and more. They are presented with their animals months before the fair where they are responsible for their health and growth. Throughout these months they preform various tasks to maintain these animals like walking them, cleaning their pens, giving them water, feeding them everyday, and weighing them to keep up with their growth progress. Once the fair gets closer students begin practicing for showmanship where they are presented with the opportunity of exhibiting their animal to a professional judge. Throughout this journey students learn to manage their time, be responsible for their animal, and they are able to make a profit out of it once they're done.During fair week showmanship begins where they have to present and exhibit their animals to the judge, but before they do that they must make they're animals presentable. For example a kid who has a lamb must wash their animal and sheer their wool making sure that they are clean when it's their time to present. Finally it's auction day and students sell their animals to different organizations that pay them a certain amount of money per pound. This then concludes the amazing experience that students are presented with at school that provides them with new hands on opportunities that eventually also helps with the growth of the student. Making it a experience of a life time.

AP Prompts Essay #2 (re-write)

Q: Agree or disagree with E.M Forsters view that personal relations are more important at than causes or patriotism

          E.M. Forster once said,"One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life." We need people in our lives in order to not fall apart and make a mess of ourselves. We need them to be there when we are about to give up so they can pick us up. There are many reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with E.M. Forster's opinion, and I would like to share why I agree with him. Personal relations are close connections between people, that are formed by emotional bonds and interactions. Meanwhile, patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland. I agree with Forster that personal relations are more important than patriotism because if someone ever looses their attachment from a nation due to a bad event that happened, they won't be patriotic anymore, but your personal relations with a friend or a person will always be there. They will be there to remind you about the importance of relationships. When your at the edge of giving up friends, company, connections, and support are the essential things that lift your spirit and encourage you to never give up and continue living life one step at a time. 
                Some people may argue that patriotism is what keeps our nation together and unified, however many people are quick to judge when they feel a situation is not being handled correctly. Many argue that they are so patriotic, but they are the ones who end up breaking rules and not following orders by doing the simplest things like throwing trash on the ground or jaywalking. People get the sense that patriotism is more important than personal relations because every single patriotic person can relate to each other. They all feel like they can relate in the sense that they have national pride in their ethnic, culture, and historical aspects but everyone is quick to judge each others backgrounds and point out what each race is doing wrong. Patriotism can be lost and can be seen through fake emotions because someone claims to love their nation but it is all a load of emotions and not actions that are being done. Personal relations will last forever and they create real feelings and emotions that patriotism can't give you.
                Some people may also argue that personal relations are not important and that the emotions you feel through it is a bunch of crap, but I will love to explain why I strongly disagree. Truly having a bond with someone and connecting with them is an amazing experience like no other. Yeah, some friendships don't last forever but new friends always come around and the feeling and experience you get from each relationship is unexplained and different every single time. It is a deep connection that just happens. You start off as total strangers with someone and as time goes by you get to know that person more and more each day and you really connect with them. You connect with them so much that you trust them with your life and you know that you can tell them how you feel and they will be there to listen. You can be having the crappiest day of your life but they will know how to cheer you up and they will experience the same exact things that you are going through and that will never fade away. Personal relations are such an impact on anyone's life that sometimes you find yourself smiling randomly because you feel emotions coming back to you. Even the simplest things like a hug or a I love you can make someones day when they are just not feeling it. 
                These are the reasons why I feel that personal relations are more important than Patriotism. Patriotism can be lost meanwhile relationships stay in your heart forever. You should never let the connections that you have with other people fade away because that is where you experience happiness, joy and it is also where you gain experiences that you had never thought of before in your entire life until that special someone appeared. " The greatest relationships are the ones that where in front of you the whole time, but they were still unexpected." 

AP Promts Essay #1

Q: Descibe a place, conveying feeling through concrete and specific detail.

          Some of us have our own place that we go to when we just want some peace and when we want to release our stress from everything that's going on. Maybe we want to forget about the world for a moment, forget about the problems, and forget about all the work you have waiting at home. It seems like theres no time to just stay still and take a deep breath without having to worry about what your plans are for the next day or even the simplest thought like what you're going to eat later. Doing something that you enjoy helps anyone as a distraction from everything around them and it let's them live in the moment. When I think of a place that brings peace and relaxes I picture someone swimming.
          There is no one in the pool and the water is so still that it brings you to a state of calmness. You pass the pool deck and you enter the bathroom to put on your bathing suit. You feel free with your one piece bathing suit and you also feel excited because the weather outside is so sunny which makes it a perfect day to swim. You go ahead and put on your sunscreen and you get a whiff of your sunscreen that you can only smell when you're at the pools or at the  beach. You then continue to put on your cap and googles and you feel like a true swimmer ready with your full on gear, Like someone who is always prepared for their job. Finally you slip on your sandals and you exit the bathroom to go back to the pool deck.
          You exit the bathroom and the first thing you see ahead of you is the empty pool. Rushing towards the pool. You jump inside and the moment your full body is submerged into the water you feel the coolness rushing all over your body giving you such a pleasurable feeling. Once submerged you close your eyes and at last you feel that deep breath which seems ironic due to the fact that your holding your breath underwater. Kicking off the wall with both of your feet you begin to swim stroking your arms and kicking your legs back and forth enough to get you going. Your swimming and for that moment all you see is the clear water. Nothing else. All you feel is the coolness rushing through your body. Nothing else. All you hear is the movement of the waves created by the water. Nothing else. The noises outside are cancelled and you don't have to worry about anything going on outside. It's just you and the water.
          Finally you're done swimming. You stop for a while and you float on your back so you are able to look the beautiful sky. You stay like that motionless just contemplating the sky and that's when you hear all the noise around you and you realize the reality of life. You get out of the pool with water dripping once you're out. You go to the bathroom, dry yourself out and change. Heading out everything goes back to normal and your stuck in the same reality that you were in before. Your problems and worries still continue and you go back to the constant thoughts in your head, but you finally know where to go when you need to just take a deep breathe and live.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Essay #1

          In Fahrenheit 451 the author Ray Bradbury uses various tones for characters in the book with his use of diction and detail. The tone that Bradbury uses specifically with regard to Clarisse and Beatty are very different. As it can be seen Clarisse is described and presented to us as a girl who is spontaneous and open to what the world has to offer, meanwhile Beatty is a very intellectual and puzzling person. This can be seen throughout the book with Bradbury's use of diction and detail. 
          In the beginning of the book Bradbury describes Clarisse as a very spontaneous girl who is full of curiosity. She is open to new things every day and all she wants to do is enjoy life. The fact that Bradbury introduces her in the beginning of the book and describes her in such a compelling tone would be to give an effect to the reader. By introducing Clarisse in that way the author gives an idea to the reader of Montag's life and the reality of it. With her personality Montag realizes that he has no love, peace, or happiness in his life. Clarisse was the character that the author introduced to help Montag realize that and start to make change in his life little by little. Unlike Clarisse, with Beatty the author uses a different and opposite tone. 
          When Bradbury introduces Beatty he uses a wise tone to present him as an intellectual and puzzling character. Although Beatty is very intellectual and he knows a lot about books he gives Montag the opposite message. We can see that Bradbury's use of diction and detail is expressed when he uses short sentences and phrases every time that Beatty speaks which makes everything that he talks about very fast paced. The author can be using this type of diction to relate Beatty to the society and how the world is becoming simpler every single day that goes by. This is the message that the author is trying to give Montag through Beatty and this can be seen when Beatty says, " More cartoons in books. More pictures. The man drinks less and less," meaning that the more things that people add in books or magazines just to entertain the person, the less reading and writing there will actually be which is one of the reasons why and how books are slowly forgotten and prohibited. That is why Beatty is such a puzzling person. He is so intellectual when it comes to books, yet he thinks that they should vanish. 
          To conclude it can be clearly seen that Bradbury uses different types of diction and detail to set a spontaneous, wonderful, and a curios tone for Clarisse while setting a intellectual, puzzling, and wise tone for Beatty so that they could both convey a message to the reader through Montag so we could know the situations that Montag faces through out the book. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017


1. What did Montag do at the Black's house?
- He went there to go hide his books

2. How does Faber describe the war?
- Faber says that he doesn't notice it much because he has problems of his own while the war is going on

3. Describe Faber's TV
- He had his TV behind a picture and it was a really small TV

4. What was on TV while Montag was on the run?
- The TV was showing that they were still looking for Montag and that they had a new Hound that was going to trace Montag's scent to find him

5. What was Montag running for when everyone looked out of their houses?
- He was running for the river and all he wanted was to get across to the other side where he would find other writers that memorize books and then burn them